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Understanding Arizona Real Estate Law

Real estate laws vary from state to state so it is important to speak with an attorney to understand all of your rights, options and liability under Arizona law.  Ellen Lawson will review your financial situation and discuss with you the best course of action for your home.  Ellen Lawson is experienced in negotiating directly with lenders regarding loan modification, short sales, debt settlement, foreclosure avoidance, trustee sale issues, Arizona’s anti-deficiency statute and excess proceeds.  Call today for a consultation.


Are you Experiencing Financial Hardship or Facing Foreclosure?

The Law Firm of Ellen K. Lawson Attorney at Law PLC understands that you may be facing foreclosure and experiencing financial hardships. It is Ellen Lawson’s goal to help you with your situation as soon as possible. Ellen can help you with any of the following areas:

Loan Modification →
Short Sales →
Debt Settlement →
Foreclosure Avoidance →
Credit Reporting Disputes →
Excess Proceeds →


Loan Modification

Obtaining a more affordable mortgage from your lender(s)


Selling your home or vacant land for less than your loan balance(s)

Debt Settlement

Settling a second mortgage loan balance or HOA debt

Foreclosure Avoidance

Helping a homeowner avoid a trustee sale whenever possible

Credit Report Disputes

Correcting incorrect credit reporting of your mortgage debt following a trustee sale

Excess Proceeds

Obtaining “excess proceeds” for a homeowner following a trustee sale


    Ellen K. Lawson is phenomenal!
    Ellen Lawson is phenomenal.  I thought that being able to keep my home was hopeless until I met Ellen.  Her dedication, commitment, compassion, and knowledge of the laws made the impossible possible.  She is very responsive, thorough and candid when providing advice and counsel…Retaining Ellen’s services is one of the best things that I have ever done.  
    Jennifer – Buckeye, AZ
    5 star all the way
    Ellen has been excellent from the first day. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. Thank you Ellen for all of your hard work and knowledge.
    Ryan, Chandler, AZ
    Short Sale Experience
    Ellen was referred to us to assist us with our short sale - land investment. Arizona has very unique laws to the vacant land short sale process, so we were very pleased to meet someone who not only understood these laws and nuances, but actually had significant experience in successfully working with lenders to close the transaction. Ellen is extremely knowledgeable in this niche area of real estate and I would highly recommend consulting/ engaging her firm to assist you.
    Kevin – Scottsdale, AZ


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